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What is PlacerMC?

PlacerMC is an extensive Minecraft server with a wide selection of many different minigames! With the goal of giving players an experience they cannot find anywhere else, we offer many different games to players of different play styles. These gamemodes include Placer Mode, KitPVP, Event Overkill, and more!

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What gamemodes do we offer?

Placer Mode

A game inspired by capture the flag where you must go to the other team's base, steal their blocks, and place them in your stash. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins! Compete with your best PVP settings and conquer the leaderboard.


Our own version of KitPVP with a wide selection of kits, crates, items, and more! Fight your opponents to death and conquer the land. Gain XP by killing your opponents and earn money to buy special items in the shop.

Event Overkill

Compete against your opponents in a game inspired by Party Games. In this game, play in randomly-selected events and practice your skills for rewards and clout. Our own custom-coded shop will keep you playing with rewards being added every day.